Tailored Experiences

Our shop is divided into two unique tailored categories each offering a different experience with our Atelier. 

Ready to Wear: Effortless Elegance
Our Ready to Wear collection is a showcase of carefully crafted styles, each available in a range of sizes and curated fabrics. These pieces embody the essence of effortless elegance and are ready to grace your wardrobe. What makes Ready to Wear truly special is that once a design is sold out in a particular fabric, it won't be reproduced, making your choice even more exclusive.
Pre-Order: Your Personalised Touch
For those who seek a personalised touch, our Pre-Order collection is your canvas for creativity. Available in standard sizes, these designs offer basic customisations, including hem lengths, ensuring a fit that feels uniquely yours. Pre-Order garments are a celebration of collaboration, allowing you to infuse your preferences into our creations.
Inclusive . Exclusive
All collections are created in our Atelier in Aotearoa, New Zealand using a curated selection of fabrics that are locally sourced.
Each collection is made in small runs of limited styles, to ensure more exclusivity to our customers and a sustainable approach to fashion.
Should you require a standard size that is not available in the sizes, we offer custom sizing in All our collections.